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I’m David Hall, CEO and founder of Lifeline Ambulance Service Limited (Lifeline). I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope that you will like the layout and content. I would value your feedback if there are any aspects that you wish to comment on.

The Lifeline management team and operational staff have strived over the years to operate on the basis of ‘best practice’, in the absence of comprehensive industry standards as defined and enforced by an independent regulatory body. I believe that this unwavering focus has allowed us to grow the business over the years and, more recently, to consolidate it at its present size, despite the current economic downturn.

We are a patient-centred, professional ambulance service which considers the on-going health, safety and well-being of patients in our care and the staff in our employ as being some of our primary objectives. In order to achieve these, we will engage trained and competent staff we employ; deploy modern, well-equipped and serviced vehicles; and operate the business in a professional, efficient and cost-effective (‘value for money’) manner. I believe that if we can create the appropriate environment, then we can deliver on these objectives while also ensuring the highest level of focus on the quality of our service to all of our clients, particularly in the clinical area. In summary, we endeavour to meet and ideally exceed the expectations of all of our stakeholders, in all that we do.

I would invite you to continue to explore the rest of the site, and to make any comments or submit appropriate feedback, as you deem fit.


David Hall