25 Years' of Experience


Lifeline Ambulance Service was established by David Hall and Susan Wiseman in 1988. Lifeline moved its first patient in 1989 and had a fleet that comprised of two Ambulance operated by our CEO David Hall. David based lifeline Ambulance in the town of Leixlip Co Kildare and our head office has been there ever since. In that time, we have been moving and treating thousands of patients every year. Now over twenty-five years later we transport more than eighteen thousand patients per year.  Lifeline is focused on delivering a safe modern, patient focused fit for purpose ambulance service now and into the future.

Lifeline is Ireland’s largest Private Ambulance service and the number one provider to the Health Service Executive (HSE) Nationally and the second biggest ambulance service in the state. We work closely with all Hospitals and Healthcare facilities to meet their transport needs. Lifeline employs Advanced Paramedic’s (AP’s), Paramedic’s, and Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMT’s), Transplant Drivers, Administration staff and dispatchers.

Lifeline Ambulance Service are the number one provider for the Organ Donation Transplant Ireland and provide the transport of the organ transplant program and retrieval in Ireland. Our team work with specialist organ donation personnel based in the hospital groups nationally to assist with organ donation and are also responsible for coordinating and providing transport for all transplant teams. We have a dedicated team of specialist drivers and vehicles to cover requests from all transplant centres in Ireland this includes Surgical teams, unaccompanied organs, Biopsies and transplant coordinators from Organ Donation Transplant Ireland (ODTI) nationwide.


We also cover major events in conjunction with our Event management clients.