Lifeline Ambulance Service Education

Lifeline Ambulance Service Education is a unique educational body delivering education in the pre hospital environment. As Lifeline is a fully operational ambulance service it offers students a holistic approach to their development with the educational syllabus as only one element of the journey. The other elements are in relation to, personnel development and knowledge of the system, that is required to ensure that the patient gets an appropriate response and also the safe treatment they need.

As we are fully operational ambulance service, access to an ambulance control environment coupled with the access to patient contact on a responding ambulance is available to all our students and is a unique feature we offer. This blended approach ensures the student develops a complete understanding of all the aspects of the systems approach to service and care delivery.

Lifeline Ambulance Service Education is the leading provider of the Emergency Medical Technician course in Ireland with over 10 years’ experience delivering the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) National Qualification in Emergency Medical Technology (NQEMT) course to members of the public and private organisations.

Our students have an excellent success rate at examinations with a combined success rate of over 90% at the first sitting.

Who is this course for?

This EMT course is ideal for those who wish to pursue a career in pre hospital care. When our students pass their PHECC NQEMT exams they then apply to PHECC for an EMT practitioner’s license and are listed on the national practitioner’s register. Once registered, the practitioners are then qualified to apply to work as an EMT in Ireland, with either the private sector, with Lifeline Ambulance Service or others, or the state sector.