Ambulance Services

Organ Transplant Vehicles

National Reach

We provide a range of ambulance services for both wheelchair and stretcher-bound public and private patients.

Organ Retrieval Service/Donations

Lifeline Ambulance Service provides routine and emergency transport on a nationwide basis for organ retrieval teams from the three national transplantation centres.

Mater Hospital

Heart and Lung

Beaumont Hospital


St. Vincent’s University Hospital

Liver and Pancreas


Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland

Our Fleet

Lifeline Ambulance Services has 41 Ambulances & 7 Organ Transplant Vehicles with a further six more frontline Ambulances arriving in June

New Ambulances Purchased

2021: 0
Emergency Frontline Ambulances
2019: 0
Emergency Frontline Ambulances
2018: 0
Emergency Frontline Ambulances
2017: 0
Emergency Frontline Ambulances
2016: 0
Emergency Frontline Ambulances

We strategically invest in our vehicles and the equipment contained within, including regular servicing of the fleet and annual servicing of key ambulance equipment. This ensures that, under normal conditions of service, our PHECC registered EMT, Paramedic and Advanced Paramedic practitioners are suitably resourced to allow them to deliver optimal clinical care at all times.